(And You Will Too)

The Inn overlooks Old Town Bluffton SC’s charming May River Road in Bluffton’s Historic District; its porch shaded by a grand live oak whose branches twist under Spanish Moss to reach all the way across the road. Once a thriving antebellum summer retreat for wealthy planters, this charming Southern town has reinvented itself as a cultural hotspot while never forgetting its small-town roots. The result is gourmet cuisine from Old Town Bluffton restaurants, boutique shopping courtesy of Old Town Bluffton’s merchants, fun community events like the Thursday Old Town Bluffton Farmer’s Market, a lively nightlife at Old Town Bluffton bars and a thriving arts scene all within a short walk or bike taxi ride.

And at the heart of Bluffton’s allure, setting a new standard for luxury, will be the Old Town Bluffton Inn. For the discerning traveler, the inn represents an entirely new way to enjoy every aspect of Old Town Bluffton’s charms. What was a short day trip can become a weekend spent immersed in small-town enchantment and surrounded by five-star refinement.

From the inn’s 14 rooms to its lofty balconies and inspired design, you’ll find every boutique amenity you deserve and hospitality that will constantly find new ways to delight you. The Inn’s inspired elegance evokes a bygone era, when travelers would arrive at stately Southern mansions in horse-drawn carriages and toast the evening by gaslight.