Welcoming each and every guest with gracious Southern charm are husband and wife proprietors Vince and Danielle Harrison. The two of them have called Bluffton home since 2011, drawn by the same small-town allure that serves as the heart of the Old Town Bluffton Inn experience. Just as they fell in love with the gentle rhythms and rich hospitality of Bluffton, they get to share that love with all of their guests. Danielle has resided here in the Lowcountry since 1977 and Vince since 2002.

Their story is told in every room at the inn, a tale of Southern upbringing and the endless bond of family. For Danielle, the inn represents a chance to tell her mother’s story through select items in artworks scattered throughout the property. Terry was a true trailblazer for women in business and politics, and her spirit is everywhere in the welcoming atmosphere at Old Town Bluffton Inn.

For Vince, you’ll find the influence of a family long associated with the furniture industry. A self-proclaimed “shop kid” growing up, his family’s business allowed him to connect with French Heritage, whose Old Town Bluffton Inn line of furnishings carries the property’s unique style around the world. Together, the couple raise their son McLean as the latest in a line of “shop kids.”

Theirs is a story of family. And when you stay at Old Town Bluffton Inn, unwinding among guests and locals in the rich front parlor, you will add your own chapter to that story.