Larry Leary

Larry Leary, Owner and Proprietor

The vision for Old Town Bluffton Inn began with Larry Leary, who had spent more than 40 years restoring lavish historic homes for CEOs and captains of industry in his native Connecticut. With each house he built, his appreciation for the craftsmanship and visual splendor of that bygone era deepened. He’d spent his career restoring masterpieces of architecture – with Old Town Bluffton Inn, he had a chance to create his own.

More than a chance to build the ultimate expression of his love for historic architecture, he views Old
Town Bluffton Inn as his chance to give back to Bluffton. To not only give this picturesque small town its very first hotel but also to add one more jewel to its architectural crown. You’ll find his personal touch and attention to detail in every one of Old Town Bluffton Inn’s 14 majestic rooms.


Chelsea Thiess

Chelsea Thiess, General Manager

Originally from Tampa, Florida, and a graduate Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia, Chelsea Thiess made her way to Bluffton after meeting her now husband, Brandon Thiess. She instantly fell in love with the unique small-town experience and natural beauty that surrounds the Historic Bluffton area. Having worked in management positions across several industries the past 11 years, she finds in Old Town Bluffton Inn an opportunity to share her love for travel, coordinate detailed and unforgettable experiences for guests and share her insider knowledge of nightlife happenings and the area festivals happening on any given day.

A self-professed foodie, she delights at putting her enthusiasm to good use, guiding guests to the best restaurants in the area and sharing her excited anticipation of Greater Bluffton’s arrival of more breweries and distilleries in the near future.

But beyond that, hers is a passion for service that compels her to deliver nothing less than the finest guest experiences. When she is not giving tours of the Inn or helping coordinate breathtaking social events, you can find her floating down the May River on her boat with her husband and two sweet dogs, Cassius and Sea Bass.

Guest Services Staff

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