Towering over the heart of Old Town Bluffton, the timeless elegance of the South informs every brick, beam and board at the inn. From the earliest planning stages, the ultimate goal was to create something timeless, something that demanded attention while feeling like it had always been a part of the streetscape.

As a work of architectural art, Old Town Bluffton Inn reflects its environment beautifully. Its stately parlor captures the atmosphere of community that defines this small town. Its balcony gazes down toward a vibrant dining and entertainment district that has infused Bluffton with energy and life. And its richly appointed guest rooms speak of the hospitality that lies at the heart and soul of the Lowcountry.

For the experiential traveler, it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of one of the South’s hidden gems. For larger groups, it’s a chance to truly connect with one another amid the fine cuisine and festive atmosphere of Old Town. And for a romantic getaway, there’s simply no other place that can offer the kind of intimate surroundings, gentle salt breezes and sultry Southern charm.